Tilik Neh (God You Are Great) - with English Subs

Aunt Kather
over 4 years agoAugust 26, 2016
I love it and I love you too!
Paul Patrick
over 4 years agoAugust 30, 2016
Great job!
over 4 years agoSeptember 14, 2016
Love it! Thanks for all your kingdom work that changes so many lives for God!
over 4 years agoSeptember 22, 2016
Why are you misleading and brainwashing children that this universe was created by one man called God and if they accept your indoctrination, that they will be protected from harm. You all know that it's all fiction....
Anthony Fuqua
over 4 years agoOctober 28, 2016
God is all things great & small and his truth and light shine to all so that we may see our way to him. He is the creater of all things and we are been promised a place in heaven to just acknowledge him and to believe. How some an be so negative about this is so sad. I pray that those that have that negativity can find it in their hearts to have faith in the word of god and to recognise the sacrifice he made with his only begotten son to forgive all of humankind for our sins, great and small, singularly or in masses, and to just accept him as we accept the sunrise. God Bless all with peace and eternal love and prosperity through Jesus Christ our lord, I believe all things are possible through him, thank you and may the light eternally shine of, through and from those who believe these truths.
almost 4 years agoMarch 29, 2017
I am grateful that the Creator of this universe..loves us and desires us to spend eternity with Him! Thank You Jesus for taking my sins away, when You gave Yor life on the cross. I love You!!
almost 2 years agoApril 25, 2019
Great job Genaye.
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